Stock Layouts

B2i’s API and plugin are able to provide intraday stock quote data, a historical list & search, and historical charts.


Our intraday stock quote system uses our customizable layout that allows for unlimited display options.

B2i’s stock chart has many customization options to fit any website theme and bring an interactive experience for browsing your historical data.

Customization options are found in WordPress after installing our plugin – Settings / B2i Options

We have many layouts already stored for our stock quote detail. We are able to add more layouts upon request.

CSS can be used to style content to adhere to your website branding and typography.

Snap Quotes

Stock Layout 3

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="3" sdiv="stock-layout-3"]

Stock Layout 5

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="5" sdiv="stock-layout-5"]

Stock Layout 7

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="7" sdiv="stock-layout-7"]

Stock Layout 9

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="9" sdiv="stock-layout-9"]

Stock Layout 11

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="11" sdiv="stock-layout-11"]

Stock Layout 13

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="13" sdiv="stock-layout-13"]

Stock Layout 15

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="15" sdiv="stock-layout-15"]

Stock Layout 17

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="17" sdiv="stock-layout-17"]

Stock Layout 18  French version of Layout 17

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="18" sdiv="stock-layout-18"]

Stock Layout 19

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="19" sdiv="stock-layout-19"]

Stock Layout 20

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="20" sdiv="stock-layout-20"]

Stock Layout 21

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="21" sdiv="stock-layout-21"]

Stock Layout 23

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="23" sdiv="stock-layout-23"]

Stock Layout 26

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="26" sdiv="stock-layout-26"]

Stock Layout 32

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="32" sdiv="stock-layout-32"]

Full Quotes

Stock Layout 1

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="1" sdiv="stock-layout-1"]

Stock Layout 27

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="27" sdiv="stock-layout-27"]

Stock Layout 2

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="2" sdiv="stock-layout-2"]

Stock Layout 12

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="12" sdiv="stock-layout-12"]

Stock Layout 4

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="4" sdiv="stock-layout-4"]

Stock Layout 6

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="6" sdiv="stock-layout-6"]

Stock Layout 8

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="8" sdiv="stock-layout-8"]

Stock Layout 10

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="10" sdiv="stock-layout-10"]

Stock Layout 14

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="14" sdiv="stock-layout-14"]

Stock Layout 16

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="16" sdiv="stock-layout-16"]

Stock Layout 22

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="22" sdiv="stock-layout-22"]

Stock Layout 24

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="24" sdiv="stock-layout-24"]

Stock Layout 25

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="25" sdiv="stock-layout-25"]

Stock Layout 28

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="28" sdiv="stock-layout-28"]

Stock Layout 29

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="29" sdiv="stock-layout-29"]

Stock Layout 30

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="30" sdiv="stock-layout-30"]

Stock Layout 31

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="31" sdiv="stock-layout-31"]

Stock Layout 33

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="33" sdiv="stock-layout-33"]

Stock Layout 34

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="34" sdiv="stock-layout-34"]

Stock Layout 35

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="35" sdiv="stock-layout-35"]

Stock Layout 36

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="36" sdiv="stock-layout-36"]

Stock Layout 37

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="37" sdiv="stock-layout-37" d="1"]

Stock Layout 38

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="38" sdiv="stock-layout-38" d="1"]

Stock Layout 39

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="39" sdiv="stock-layout-39" d="1"]

Stock Layout 40

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="40" sdiv="stock-layout-40" d="1"]

Stock Layout 41

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="41" sdiv="stock-layout-41" d="1"]

Stock Layout 42

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="42" sdiv="stock-layout-42" d="1"]

Stock Layout 43

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="43" sdiv="stock-layout-43" d="1"]

Stock Layout 44

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="44" sdiv="stock-layout-44"]

Stock Layout 45

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="45" sdiv="stock-layout-45"]

Stock Layout 46

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="46" sdiv="stock-layout-46"]

Stock Layout 47

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="47" sdiv="stock-layout-47"]

Stock Layout 48

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="48" sdiv="stock-layout-48"]

Stock Layout 49

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="49" sdiv="stock-layout-49"]

Stock Layout 50

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="50" sdiv="stock-layout-50"]

Stock Layout 51

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="51" sdiv="stock-layout-51"]

Stock Layout 52

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="52" sdiv="stock-layout-52"]

Stock Layout 53

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="53" sdiv="stock-layout-53"]

Stock Layout 54

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="54" sdiv="stock-layout-54"]

Stock Layout 55

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="55" sdiv="stock-layout-55"]

Stock Layout 56

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="56" sdiv="stock-layout-56"]

Stock Layout 57

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="57" sdiv="stock-layout-57"]

Stock Layout 58

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="58" sdiv="stock-layout-58"]

Stock Layout 59

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="59" sdiv="stock-layout-59"]

Stock Layout 60

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="60" sdiv="stock-layout-60"]

Stock Layout 61

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="61" sdiv="stock-layout-61"]

Stock Layout 62

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="62" sdiv="stock-layout-62"]

Stock Layout 64

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="64" sdiv="stock-layout-64"]

Stock Layout 65

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="65" sdiv="stock-layout-65"]

Stock Layout 66

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="66" sdiv="stock-layout-66"]

Stock Layout 67

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="67" sdiv="stock-layout-67"]

Stock Layout 68

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="68" sdiv="stock-layout-68"]

Stock Layout 69

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="69" sdiv="stock-layout-69"]

Stock Layout 70

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="70" sdiv="stock-layout-70"]

Stock Layout 71

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="71" sdiv="stock-layout-71"]

Stock Layout 72

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="72" sdiv="stock-layout-72"]

Stock Layout 73

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="73" sdiv="stock-layout-73"]

Stock Layout 74

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="74" sdiv="stock-layout-74"]

Stock Layout 75
[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="75" sdiv="stock-layout-75"]
Stock Layout 76
[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="76" sdiv="stock-layout-76"]
Stock Layout 77
[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="77" sdiv="stock-layout-77"]

Stock Layout 78

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="78" sdiv="stock-layout-78"]

Stock Layout 79

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="79" sdiv="stock-layout-79"]

Stock Layout 80

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="80" sdiv="stock-layout-80"]

Stock Layout 81

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="81" sdiv="stock-layout-81"]

Stock Layout 82

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="82" sdiv="stock-layout-82"]

Stock Layout 83

[b2i_stock s="EAT" f="83" sdiv="stock-layout-83"]