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Are you concerned that your website visitors might miss your upcoming events? Easily communicate with investors and analysts about your future Conference Calls, Webcasts, Analysts Day, and Earnings Release dates. Display important events on your website in one easy to manage location, that can be updated quickly by you or the B2i support team.

Events can be emailed quickly from your event calendar to distribution lists with automatic reminders sent out. If you are using B2i”s CRM, your attendee data and profiles can be permanently stored and used for further communications and tracking.

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Event layouts are template based, several layout options available

Event default

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-default" ]

Event layout 1

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout1" lo="1"]

Event layout 2

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout2" lo="2"]

Event layout 6

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout6" lo="6"]

Event layout 11

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout11" lo="11"]

Event layout 3

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout3" lo="3"]

Event layout 4

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout4" lo="4"]

Event layout 5

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout5" lo="5"]

Event layout 7

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout7" lo="7"]

Event layout 8

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout8" lo="8"]

Event layout 9

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout9" lo="9"]

Event layout 10

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout10" lo="10"]

Event layout 12

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout12" lo="12"]

Event layout 13

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="3" sdiv="event-layout13" lo="13" ]

Event layout 14

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="10" sdiv="event-layout14" lo="14" ]

Event layout 15

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="10" sdiv="event-layout15" lo="15" df="7"]

Event layout 16

[b2i_calendar m="0" c="10" sdiv="event-layout16" lo="16" df="7"]